Acoustic Guitars

Handmade acoustic guitars have always been and will continue to be our main focus. We've tried to develop a line of models and styles that fit a range of playing styles and tastes. Our goal is to deliver consistency across the entire line so that whether you play our Dreadnought, OM or Parlor Guitar, you get power, sensitivity, and complexity of tone in equal measure.

We start with the finest available woods and take extreme care to produce an instrument that's artistically designed and beautifully executed. We strive for perfection in fit and finish as well as ultimate playability.

Check our current production list to see what's coming up.

Electric Guitars

We've always been a little involved with electric guitars, either building or repairing, and we've decided to introduce a line of high-quality electrics with a serious amount of "cool" factor. The initial design work started around 2001 with a project that was meant to be a one-off, but the original body shape lends itself so well to several different configurations that we're able to offer a bolt-on, contour-body version' a set-neck, flat-top version, and a deluxe set-neck carved archtop version. Finish and wood options, as well as several different pickups from Rio Grande Pickups in Houston, Texas, allows a lot of room for customization.

Steel Guitars

An interest in vintage lap and console steels led to the development of a line of 8-string console steel guitars. The basic design is a blend of elements from the beautiful art-deco Hawaiian steel guitars of the '30's and '40's and the iconic Fender Stringmaster of the "50's. Modern pickups from Rio Grande Pickups in Houston, Texas make this a versatile rig for everything from jam sessions to honky-tonk dance halls.