J2 Style B custom sunburst

This is my personal guitar. It's built from very old figured black walnut and Sitka spruce. It features an inlay I originally used when I first started building guitars.
This was an important guitar for me. In 2001 when this guitar was started, I'd been working for Bill Collings for 10 years and hadn't done any work on instruments of my own in all that time. I'd built a number of instruments while working in the Midwest, but this was the first guitar I built in Austin.
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bill and Collings Guitars. This guitar and all the others that have followed are better than I could have ever made without the incredible experience I gained while working there.

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 J2-B JA  J2-B JA
 J2-B JA  J2-B JA