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Our dealers get most of our production, but occasionally we have items immediately available directly from our shop, mostly in the form of prototypes, sample instruments, etc. When we have new acoustic, electric, or steel guitars we'll post them here.  Also, check our current production list to see what's coming up.  At the bottom of the page you'll find some miscellaneous merchandise like hats and t-shirts.  Thanks!

Steel Guitar SLC Satin White

Eight-string lap steel with Pacific coast alder body; 22.5" scale; Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy/Halfbreed pickups; satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish; includes includes legs, leg bag,high quality soft case. Or available as lap-only...Non in stock at this time.

Eight-string Steel Guitar pickups from Rio Grande

Styled after the classic Stringmaster pickups of the 50's and 60's, these pickups are available in three different levels of power and tone.  "Vintage Tallboy" gives great vintage tone with more body and clarity.  "Muy Grande" is more powerful and delivers deeper midrange tones--an excellent bridge pickup.  "Halfbreed" (my personal favorite) is somewhere in between and pairs up beautifully with the VT in a two-pickup steel guitar configuration.
Retail Price: $92...available at $73.60 each!

"J A" logo Hats

New selection with lots of great color combinations

Everybody needs a hat that says "Austin, Texas" right on the front...especially if you're not in Austin, Texas!  Front displays just that under our stylish company logo; emblazoned on the back is "Allison Guitars."   And if you've already bought an instrument from us, we owe you one!
Price (shipped) to US customers: $12.00...
Contact us for available colors....